Youth Support Centre, Public Interest Incorporated Association

Youth Support Centre helps hikikomori participate in their community in various and tailor made way.

Division of Counseling and “Ibasho”

Myogadani Club

There are 3 Ibasho (places one feels at home) called “yuttari (relaxed) space”, “hot space” and “SST group”.
Hot space and SST group combine free time with program time.
During the program time, we offer many activities such as physical exercise or social skill training.
We also operate seasonal events, one-night trip and so on, every month.
In addition, social gatherings are held regularly for parents and staffs to exchange information.

Myogadani Club

It was established in 1987 to offer a place for those in their twenties to forties
who have difficulties in communication in classrooms or workplaces.
Certified clinical psychologists and psychiatric social workers are
engaged in restoring a confidence in interpersonal relationship throughout our programs.
We organically connect counseling services by clinical psychologists and group activities,
and we will listen to each member’s voice to build self-confidence for public participation.
Myogadani Club Schoolyard Myogadani Club gymnasium

Programs for preparing public participation

We consider that “getting” and “enlarging” their connections are
critical to help hikikomori children participate in their communities.
As the first step to public participation,
we offer social activities such as watching sport games,
plays, and group tasks to prepare for working.