Youth Support Centre, Public Interest Incorporated Association

Youth Support Centre, Public Interest Incorporated Association (YSC) is a non-profit organization that provides psychiatric and psychological treatments for young people who have mental issues such as school refusal or hikikomori (prolonged social withdrawal). We offer extensive supports for those who have difficulties in interpersonal relationships or those feel isolated in school or workplace regardless of age. Not only for the individuals, but we also provide various supports for their families and the public.

Corporate Overview

We need your suppport Youth Support Centre was established in 1985 and designated as Public Interest Incorporated
Association by the Cabinet Office of the Government of Japan in 2014. Currently,
the following five public benefit projects are operated by specialists such as certified
clinical psychologists and psychiatric doctors for supporting young people
with difficulties and their families.
  1. Counseling and “Ibasho” project

    We offer psychological counseling and “Ibasho”(a place where a person feels acceptance, safety and belonging) for young people suffering from hikikomori (social withdraw) and other difficult conditions to help them build their self-reliance.
  2. Program for preparing public participation

    We offer a program series for youth in difficult condition like hikikomori to help them to participate in their communities. We provide seminars, group works, volunteer activities and work experience training.
  3. Puberty counseling programs

    We have offered practical lectures to train counselors specialized for puberty and adolescence. The program has also aimed to educate parents how to cope with their own children around the age.
  4. Lectures and Symposiums

    Dr. Tamaki Saito, a counselor of YSC, a psychiatric doctor, and a professor at University of Tsukuba will provide lectures (theories and practices) . And we will hold symposiums which themes reflect current situations in our society.
  5. Clinic KIZUNA

    This project aims to prevent youth suicide. Counselors and psychiatric doctors will have phone and face-to-face counseling.
We need your suppport


Photo of the President, Yukio Saito and the Secretary General, Masayuki Tokimori

Greeting from
the President,
Yukio Saito

During 1970s and 1980s, issues caused by the adolescent became societal problem. Dr. Hiroshi Imamura, a former professor at University of Tsukuba, was concerned about the situation surrounding the youth, and took action to change it. Youth Support Centre (YSC) was established in 1985 by researchers and activists of youth support who were inspired by Dr. Inamura.
The core service of YSC was initiated at the workshops held at Myogadani Club. Later Mercmark Setagaya, a facility recently outsourced by Setagaya-ku, joined us to expand our activities. Not only workshops, but we also offer various supports to help the youth get participate in their societies: counseling and public participations; lectures on how to take care of hikikomori children or adolescent children for parents. As an outreach activity, we also hold lectures and symposiums to increase the awareness of the issues from the public. These lectures have been recorded and published.
Although the total number of suicidal deaths in Japan has been decreasing these days, the number of suicides by the youth has been still increasing. To improve this situation, we launched “Clinic Kizuna” in 2012 for supporting the youth who have difficulties. I would deeply appreciate if you come to YSC and use our services, and if you consider supporting our projects by volunteering or by donation.

Greeting from
the Secretary General,
Masayuki Tokimori

YSC was designated as Public Interest Incorporated Association (PIIS) by the Cabinet Office of the Government of Japan in 2014. This was truly thanks to your continuous supports bringing this designation. We are one of the 200 PIIS out of 4,000 in Japan that are eligible to receive tax-deductible donations. This designation has allowed us to receive more donations widely.
Upon the designation, we renewed our organization to clarify responsibilities and liabilities, and improve business efficiency by separating our services from management. In this new organization, we have structured strong bases of compliance and accountability required as PIIS. We have 4 supporting divisions (counseling, Clinic Kizuna, enlightening, outsourcing) and a corporate division for management.
All of our staffs will be devoted to meet your expectations as a pioneer to support the youth in Japan. Thank you again for your concerns and supports.
We need your suppport

Organization chart /
Board Members

Organization chart

List of board members

♦ President
Yukio Saito
Board Chairperson of Japanese Association for Suicide Prevention
♦ Vice President
Toshio Sekikawa
Director of Sekikawa Emotional Education Research Institute
♦ Auditor-Secretary
Akira Kikuchi
Urawa Nerve Sanatorium, Medical Corporation Hakushukai
Akira Sato
Former Chiyoda Corporation
♦ Board Members
Taku Kondo
Professor of Sanyo Gakuen University
Munetsugu Todo
Yamazaki Clinic, Medical Corporation Yushinkai
Hidehiko Kuramoto
Board Chairperson of Medical Corporation Kitanomaru
Toshio Iwasa
Director of Home Casework Research Institute
Yuri Iri
Chief of Myogatani Club
Masayuki Tokimori
Secretary General
We need your suppport

Our History

History of Youth Support Centre

Organized a committee of Youth Support Centre (Rep. Mr. Ryuichi Hirano)
Held a general meeting of supporting project establishment
Started counselor training programs (currently puberty counseling program)
Opened [Aobadai House]
Opened [Myogadani Club]
Relocated the office to Sankencho bldg. in Myogadani
Held the first symposium [the youth supports for the 21th century]
Approved as an Incorporation Associate Youth Support Centre
Started [sending consultative home tutors]
Started [Temp staff team for cleaning building]
Held the 10th anniversary ceremony and a symposium – Problems of the youth in 21th century – visions and challenges
Mr. Yukio Saito assumed the position of acting vice president
Started [Lectures on practical support of hikikomori]
Started programs for [Preparing public participation group]
Held ad hoc board meeting and assigned Mr. Yukio Saito as president and Ms. Etsuko Sato as vice president
Held lectures/symposium [Aggressions in adolescence – Komoru and Kireru ]
Mr. Toshio Sekikawa, Executive director assumed the position of vice president
Myogadani Club was designated a registered group of [No.2 Ibasho activities in outside home (free space)] and [No.3 Projects for preparing public participation] in [Encouragement projects for public participation of the youth] by Office for Youth Affairs and Public Safety, Tokyo Metropolitan Government.
Designated as Public Interest Incorporated Association by the Cabinet Office, government of Japan
Outsourced [Project for supporting self-reliance from hikikomori or others] by Bunkyo-ku and [Managing the youth total support center] by Setagaya-ku
Celebrated the 30th anniversary and held a ceremony
Outsourced [Project for promoting supports and training for the youth] by Taito-ku.
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